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Odyssey Backstryke Sabertooth Putter withe new Odyssey grip

Odyssey Backstryke Sabertooth Putter withe new Odyssey grip

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Odyssey have been at the forefront of putter designs for well over a decade now and their Backstryke innovation continues to impress, with several models being launched this year.

The Sabertooth was a massively popular model even before the Backstryke technology appeared, but the combination of engineering makes this putter a must for those who need a little more forgiveness on the greens.
The Forward Press Stabilisation means the golfer’s hands are pushed forward, but without de-lofting the putter. This means that an upwards stroke is promoted which in turn means more topspin on the putt. And it’s topspin that keeps the ball on line.

The new Sabertooth also features Odyssey’s Advanced Roll Technology which results in the lowest and deepest centre of gravity of any Odyssey putter which generates better roll off the face of the putter.

Finally, the White Ice insert has been tweaked to improve sound and feel, while the face surface has been roughened to improve friction on the ball which means more forward momentum at impact.

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